New Approaches to Solving Family Issues

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We find ourselves at an incredible moment in time, one where we can break with generational trauma and negative patterns, which have been limiting us, which have been limiting humanity, for centuries.

In June, right for cancer season, we will explore new approaches to solving family issues, and take a look at how we can create different opportunities for ourselves and future generations in the I AM CREATOR School – if this is an area of your life, where you’d like to gain a new confidence, and develop more patience, love and strength, then join us!

No matter what our family situation looks like and what issues we have with our families, we all have a family, biological or chosen, and the more we can make peace with our family situation the better and more secure we feel in our lives.

Or even better: What if we could all really learn to see and experience family as a resource again, that can give us roots and wings?

How can we be that family for others?

How can we learn to solve conflicts, and begin to nourish even the most difficult relationships from a place of confidence and love?

Why are we here?

To find new ways to solve family issues, I believe that it helps to understand our role on this planet, which is to grow and to experience.

I believe that we are souls having a body experience and that before birth, we chose our families, because of the learning our soul wanted to go through in this lifetime.

If this is a new concept for you, just listen in and see if it resonates. We can always feel it in our body when we hear something that is true.

With this belief, every difficulty turns into a gift because it allows our soul to evolve and rise beyond what it knew.

I have not been raised with that believe, and until I got here, I struggled a lot to make peace with the world and my family.

Seeing things this way helped me to not take things personally and to overcome blaming and judging, which in turn allowed me to live and experience my life more freely and lovingly, as well as to break free from the hostage of wondering why I had to struggle through past experiences and blaming myself for them.

I hope it will do the same for you.

I came across this quote by Oprah Winfrey yesterday (and I love how these things just show up at the right time): “True forgiveness is when you say: Thank you for that experience.”

When we believe, or acknowledge that we are souls having a body experience, that we actually chose to be born into the situation we were born into, then not only do we feel more empowered instead of victimized or lucky, but we can also begin to see every experience, no matter how heartbreaking and difficult, as an opportunity for ourselves to learn and for our souls to grow.

And that makes it easier for us to forgive those who have hurt us in the past. I say this often, and I’ll point it out again here, in case you are new: Forgiveness is always something we grant for ourselves first.

When we forgive someone who has hurt us, it sets us free from holding on to negative feelings about someone.

As long as we hold a grudge, are mad or resentful, their action still has power over us. Something that most likely is not adding to our well-being and keeps us stuck in the past.

So, as souls, having a body experience, we can just step aside and forgive.

It’s not our job to correct, or change, especially not if we are personally or emotionally involved, but we can get ourselves out of harm’s way and then let go or bring up the patience to accept difficult but not harmful situations.

Family as a place for growth

So, as we do every month in the I AM CREATOR School, we will begin this course by looking at the situation we have now, then take a look at what we can lot go of, what doesn’t serve us any more and then continue to get very clear on what we would like to have and how to create that.

By learning to shift our perspective, we can turn being with difficult situations, in our families or elsewhere, into an exercise of love, patience, forgiveness and growth.

Because nothing mirrors our strengths and weaknesses to us as much as our closest connections, and through that, they can help us immensely to become our best selves.

But of course, for the same reason, they also open so much room for conflicts to arise.

healthy sleep routine

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One of the most helpful things I’ve learned on my way here, is to recognize that everybody is always doing the very best they can.

Every person in our family has done the very best and continues to do the very best they can. And the same is true for ourselves.

No matter how much we may think that other people should act differently or that we could have acted differently, or how much we disagree with each other.

We are all doing the very best we can, given our current experience and knowledge.

So, it is up to us to decide if we want to give other people and their ideas and behaviours power over our lives or not.

This does not necessarily mean that we should cut people out of our lives, much more it means to find new ways to talk to them, be with them and to take every conflict as a chance for us to grow.

And we begin by deciding for ourselves how much we want to make our happiness depend on the way other people are.

Once we’ve come to find our centre so that our happiness does not depend on other people, we can start to transform into the strongest link, the one who can break the unhealthy patterns in our families and is able to  open up to new possibilities for ourselves and future generations.

healthy sleep routine

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.

Depending on your current situation, this may seem like a lot. But I promise you that letting go is less hard than you may think, and the benefits of overcoming old and not so helpful patterns and ways of thinking will be with you and make your life so much more carefree and joyful and fun for the rest of your life. You’ll be supported with teachings, questions, exercises, inspiration and other people’s experiences to guide you through this process of bringing clarity, confidence and love into your family affairs and resolving family issues for good.

Why should we resolve our Family issues?

Most of us, who’ve had difficult relationships with the families they grew up in, are fairly independent now, so you may wonder if it’s really necessary to go back.
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But as you may notice, we often more unconsciously than consciously repeat our own stories.

At a certain point, we find ourselves in exactly the same position our parents were in, saying the same things, facing the same conflicts.

When that happens, we’re on autopilot and not exercising free choice. But we have a choice.

To exercise it, we simply have to bring this to our awareness, get clear on what we want instead, and then find out what it will take us to create that.

And this is what we will be practising in the I AM CREATOR School in June.

So if you are curious and willing to resolve all your family issues for the rest of your life and get the tools to be able to resolve new ones which might be coming up along the way, then this is for you.

What do you wish for when it comes to family relationships?

What has your story been until now?

How can you to make peace with what was and create the future you long for?

How can you become the one who is able to resolve family conflicts and can support others?

How do we create meaningful times & connections and strengthen unique Relationships?

Wherever we want life to take us, whatever we want to achieve in life, it will all be better, easier and more joyful if we can celebrate love and joy with our chosen and biological families and trust ourselves enough, to know that where we come from does not define our future, but we do, by being clear, honest and loving.

Let’s become the ones who create a better future for ourselves and for everyone else around us.

Join the I AM CREATOR School now, to learn how.

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