Playlists aus 2009

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balm&creak wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet. Eine Zeit haben Jana und Jan zusammen moderiert. Dann Jan und Verena von Leipzig aus. Die letzten Jahre, von 2009 bis 2017, wurde balm&creak von Mareike und Verena aus Berlin moderiert.

Wir danken allen unseren treuen Zuhörer_innen!

Leider sind nicht alle Playlists erhalten geblieben. Die Playlists die ich für dieses Jahr finden konnte gibt es hier.

01: Music Go Music – I Walk Alone
02: La Roux – Bulletproof
03: Peaches – Mommy Complex
04: Chicks On Speed – Art Rules
05: YACHT – The Afterlife
06: Chairlift – Evident Utensil
07: Hockey – Song Away
08: Regina Spektor – Dance Anthem of the 80s
09: Sunset Rubdown – Silver Moons
10: Swan Lake – A Hand At Dust
11: Doveman – Angel’s Share
12: Mumford & Sons – Dust Bowl Dance
13: Monsters of Folk – Magic Marker
14: Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line
15: Ballet – Kitty
16: The Wooden Birds – Seven Seventeen

My First Earthquake – Fa La Freezing download song
Standard Fare – Tinsel Politics download song
The Walkmen – Christmas Party download song
Middle Distance Runner – Xmas Party download song
My Little Pony – Electric Christmas download song
Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow download song
The Weepies – All That I Want download song
The Halo Benders – Snowfall download song
Parenthetical Girls – Carol of the Season download song
The Bird and the Bee – Carol Of The Bells download song
Fireflies – X-mas Song download song
Ivy – I Hate December download song
Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – In All The Christmas Trees download song
Owl City – The Christmas Song download song
Chris Garneau – Christmas Song download song
Laura Hocking – Oh La, Lolita download song
It Hugs Back – Christmas At The Zoo download song
Julian Casablancas – I Wish It Was Christmas Today download song
Comet Gain – Asleep On The Snow download song

Kevin Devine – Carnival [Brother’s Blood|2009|Arctic Rodeo Recordings]
Dear Reader – Bent [Replace Why With Funny|2009|City Slang]
Ben Lee – I love Pop Music [Rebirth of Venus|2009|Blue Rose Recs]
Maria Taylor – Cartoons and Forever Plans [Lady Luck|2009|Nettwerk]
The XX – Infinity [s/t|2009|XL]
The XX – Crystalized [s/t|2009|XL]
Slow Club – Giving up on love [Yeah, So|2009|Moshi Moshi]
Slow Club – When I go [Yeah, So|2009|Moshi Moshi]
Patrick Wolf – Damaris [The Bachelor|2009|Blood Chamber Music]
Patrick Wolf – Oblivion [The Bachelor|2009|Blood Chamber Music]
MEN – Off Our Backs [Limited Edition Demo|2009]
Anthony and the Johnsons – Kiss my name [The Crying Light|2009|Rough Trade]
Your Heart Brakes – Torey Pines [Love is A Long Dark Road|2009|DontStopBelievin]
Kevin Blechdom – Monster [Gentlemania|2009|Sonig]

01: Former Ghosts – Flowers [Fleurs|2009|Upset The Rhythm]
02: Former Ghosts – Hold on (download)
03: Former Ghosts – I Wave
04: Former Ghosts – In Earth’s Palm
05: Mohna – Mountain [1985-1994|2009|Sunday Service]
06: Mohna – The Kites
07: Mohna – Another Needle
08: Mohna – Break, Break, Break
09: First Aid Kit – Heavy Storm [The Big Black an The Blue|2009|Coop]
10: First Aid Kit – A Window Opens
11: First Aid Kit – Salors Song
12: Molina &Johnson – Twenty Cycles in the Ground [s/t|2009|Secretly Canadian]
13: Molina &Johnson – Almost Let You In
14: Molina &Johnson – The Lily and the Brakeman
15: Parenthetical Girls – Doughnut [The Scottish Play|2009|Tomlab]
15: Parenthetical Girls – Sit Down
17: Parenthetical Girls – Going in a Field

01: Helgi Jonsson– This Solicitude [For The Rest of my Childhood|2009|Sevenahalf]
02: Helgi Jonsson -Dry Run [For The Rest of my Childhood|2009|Sevenahalf]
03: Helgi Jonsson -Love Mind [For The Rest of my Childhood|2009|Sevenahalf]
04: Helgi Jonsson -AM Radio Signal [For The Rest of my Childhood|2009|Sevenahalf]
05: Teitur – Catherine the Waitress [The Singer|2008|Edel]
06: Sam Amidon – Oh Death [All Is Well|2007|Bedroom Community]
07: Helgi Jonsson – Soft Targets [For The Rest of my Childhood|2009|Sevenahalf]
08: Helgi Jonsson – Lay it Down [For The Rest of my Childhood|2009|Sevenahalf]
09: Sigur Ros – Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur [Með suð i eyrum við spilum endalaust|2008|XL Recordings]
10: Destroyer – Don’t Become The Thing You Hated [Your Blues|2004|Merge]
11: Helgi Jonsson -Digging up a Tree [For The Rest of my Childhood|2009|Sevenahalf]
12: Helgi Jonsson – Waltz [For The Rest of my Childhood|2009|Sevenahalf]

01. acid pauli – i see a dark(er)ness rmx [self release]
02. yelle – ce jeu [Pop Up|2007|Virgin France]
03. ssion – street jizz [fools gold|2008|sleazetone]
04. music go music – reach out [expressions|2009|secretly canadian]
05. dan deacon – the crystal cat [spiderman of the cats|2007|carpark]
06. xiu xiu – hello from eau claire (gold chains remix) [remixed and covered|2007|5rue chris]
07. chicks on speed – art rules (christopher just s hard one mix) [art rules|2008|chicks on speed]
08. le tigre – nanny nanny boo boo (arthur baker vs coleman&spencer smaschter rmx) [this island remixes|2005|chicks on speed]
09. men – off our backs [physical ep|2009|queerbeat]
10. peaches – mommy complex [i feel cream|2009|xl/beggars group]
11. soulwax – e talking [any minute now|2004|pias]
12. stephan roll – how gee 2009 [|||]
13. music go music – love violent love [expressions|2009|secretly canadian]

01. fuck buttons – surf solar [tarot sport, 2009, all tomorrows parties]
02. cold cave – love comes close [death comes close ep, 2009, matador]
03. dovemanangel’s share [the conformist, 2009, brassland]
04. doveman – breathing out
05. doveman – the cat awoke
06. sam amidon – falsehearted chicken [but this chicken proved…, 2007, plug research]
07. felix – ode to the marlboro man [you are the one i pick, 2009, kranky]
08. felix – death to everyone
09. au – ida walked away [versions, 2009, aagoo]
10. fagget fairys – feed the horse [feed the horse, 2009, music for dreams]
11. fagget fairys – oci
12. fagget fairys – uzmi
13. surfer blood – anchorage [astrocoast, 2009, kanine]

01. Your Heart Breaks – If There Is Love Here
(Love Is A Long Dark Road | Lost Sound Tapes | 2008)
02. Whispertown2000 – Pushing Oars (Swim | Acony Records | 2008)
03. Vera November – Our Last Night Together (self released)
04. Hayden – Happy Birthday Yesterday (Ciao My Shining Star – The Songs of Mark Mulcahy | Shout Factory | 2009)
05. Devendra Banhart – Last Song For B (What Will We Be | Warner | 2009)
06. The Clientele – Jennifer and Julia (Bonfires On The Heath | Merge | 2009)
07. Taken by Trees – The Greyest Love of All (East Of Eden | Beggars Group | 2009)
08. St. Vincent – Just The Same But Brand New (Actor | 4ad | 2009)
09. Cat Power – Good Woman (You Are Free | Matador | 2003)
10. Daniel Johnston – Freedom (Is And Always Was | High wire Music | 2009)
11. Doveman – Breathing Out (The Conformist | Brassland Records | 2009)
12. Bosque Brown – Fine Line (Even Cowgirls Get the Blues | Spillersrecord | 2007)
13. The Finches – The House With Two Front Doors (Six Songs | Dulc-I-Tone |2003)
14. Sia – Little Black Sandals (Some People Have Real Problems | Hear Music | 2009)
15. Slow Club – Because We Are Dead (Slow Club | Moshi Moshi | 2009)
16. Okkervil River – Unless It Kicks (The Stage Names | JagJaguwar | 2007)
17. Liam Finn – Second Chance (I’ll Be Lightning | Yep Roc Records | 2008)

Die Sterne – Der Riss EP (Gomma/2009)
01. Deine Pläne
02. Nach fest kommt lose
03. Neblige Lichter
Die Goldenen Zitronen – Die Entstehung der Nacht (Buback/2009)
04. Zeitschleifen
05. Beautiful People
06. Bloß Weil Ich Friere
07. Drop the Style
The Slits – Trapped Animal (Sweet Nothing/2009)
08. Reggae Gypsy
09. Trapped Animal
10. Ask Ma
Tegan and Sara – Sainthood (Vapor/2009)
11. Hell
12. the Ocean

Monsters of Folk (Monsters of Folk/2009/Rough Trade)
01. Say Please
02. The Right Place
03. Magic Marker
04. Baby Boomer
Joan as a Police Woman – Lady (Cover/2009/Pias)
05. Keeper of the Flame
06. Overprotected
07. She Watch Channel Zero
08. Ringleader Man
09. Men – Credit Card Babies (2009)
10. Le Tigre – TKO (peaches knock out remix) (This Island/2004/Universal)
11. Lesbians on Exstacy – Tell me does she love the bass ()
12. Chicks on Speed – Vibrator (Cutting the Edge/2009/Chicks on Speed Recs.)
13. Rhythm King and Her Friends – The Front of Luxury (The Front of Luxury/2007/Kitty Yo)
14. Your Heart Breakes – Start By Walking (Love Is A Long Dark Road (Love Is All You Need)/2009/ )

01. Joan as a Police Woman – Lady (Cover/2009/Pias)
02. Monsters of Folk – Magic Marker (Monsters of Folk/2009/Rough Trade)
03. Mountain Goats – Matthew 25_21 (The Life of the World to Come/2009/Beggars Group)
04. Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron – Voice in Headphones (Lost Wisdom/2008/P.W.
05. Kings of Convenience – Riot on an Empty Street (Declaration of
06. Your Heart Breaks feat. Kimya Dawson – Torrey Pines (Love Is A Long Dark Road (Love Is All You Need/2009/ )
07. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – When We Swam (Know Better Learn
Faster/2009/Kill Rock Stars)
08. Taken by Trees – Anna (East of Eden/2009/Beggars Group)
09. Taken by Trees – Julia (Open Field/2006/Beggars Group)
10. Son of the Velvet Rat – Parrot Song (Animals/2009/Monkey)
11. Mumford and Sons – Dust Bowl Dance (Sigh No More/2009/Coop)
12. Howie Beck – Save Me (How To Fall Down In Public/2009)
13. Flaming Lips – The Sparrow Looks up at the Machine (Ebryonic/2009/WEA)
14. Men – Of Our Backs (2009)
15. Hunx and his Punx – Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love ()

Múm – Sing Along To Songs You don’t know (2009/Morr Music)
01. Sing Along
02. Show Me
03. If I Were a Fish
04. Ladies Of The New Century
05. Kay-ray-ku-ku-ko-kex
06. Will The Summer Make Good For All Our Sins (2004/Summer Make Good)
07. They Made Frogs Smoke Till They Explode (2007/GoGoSmearThePoisonIvy)
08. Blow Your Nose
09. Hullaballabal
10. Last Shapes Of Never
11. Illuminated

The Hidden Cameras – Origin:Orphan (2009/Arts&Crafts)
01. Kingdom Comes
02. Colour of a Man
03. In the NA
04. The little Bit
Amy Millan – Songs for Burrials (2009/Arts&Crafts)
05. Run for Me
06. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
07. Bound
08. Low Sail
Still Life Still – Girls Come Too (2009/Arts&Crafts)
09. Knives in cartoons
10. Planets
11. Pastels
12. Jamie T – Chaka Demus (2009/Virgin)
13. Son of the Velvet Rat – Sand Mountain (Animals/2009/Monkey Music)
14. Lisa Germano – Snow (Magic Neighbor/2009/Young God)
15. Lisa Germano – Kitty Train (Magic Neighbor/2009/Young God)

Simian Mobile Disco – Temporary Pleasure (2009/Wichita/Coop)
01. Audacity of Huge
02. Bad Blood
03. Cruel Intentions
04. Crystal Castles vs. Health – Crimewave (s/t/2008/Pias)
05. Health – Crimewave (s/t/2008/Lovepump United)
Health – Get Color (2009/Lovepump United/City Slang)
06. Death +
07. In Heat
08. Die Slow
09. We Are Water
10. Before Tigers
11. Voxtrot – Berlin Without Return (selfreleased/2009)
12. Imogen Heap – Little Bird (Ellipse/2009/Rca Int.)

01. magnolia electric – the rock of ages (josephine/2009/secretly canadian)
02. soulsavers – you will miss me when I burn (broken/2009/cooperative music)
03. grizzly bear – cheerlader (veckatimest/2009/warp)
04. bibio – lovers‘ carvings (ambivalence avenue/2009/warp)
05. fiery furnaces – keep me dark (I’m going away/2009/thrill jokey)
06. portugal the man – lovers in love (the satanic satanist/2009/defiance)
07. white denim – I’d have it just the way we were (fits/2009/full time)
08. nurses – bright ideas (apples acres/2009/dead ocean)
09. isis – hall of the dead (wavering radiant/2009/conspiracy)
10. bat for lashes – travelling woman (two suns/2009/emi)
11. jen cloher – mother’s desk (hidden hands/2009/sandcastle music)
12. reverend and the makers – hidden persuaders (french kiss in the chaos/2009/wall of sound)
13. modest mouse – king rat (no one’s first and you’re next/2009/epc)
14. phoenix – lasso (wolfgang amadeus phoenix/2009/cooperative)
15. the pains of being pure at heart – hey paul (s/t/2009/slumberland records)
16. mount eerie with julie doiron and fred squire – you swan, go on (lost wisdom/2009/p.w. elverum & sun)


Wir versuchen unser Bestes, um unsere Ohren zuzuhalten und Sha-la-la-la zu singen und uns keine schlimmen Gedanken machen zu müssen. Wir sind darin ziemlich gut geworden. Wir mögen es kleine minder privilegierte Plattenfirmen zu unterstützen und haben eine Angewohnheit entwickelt Tendenzen frühzeitig aufzuspüren bzw. Tendenzen vollkommen zu ignorieren. Wir erhalten regelmäßig Beschwerden über die Unprofessionalität unserer Darbietung. Wir nehmen das als Kompliment und haben keine Absicht das zu ändern.


a magical year - courageously creating change


Find the clarity to develop your life’s vision and live your purpose and your calling


Recognize your value and that you are the creator of your life and build the confidence to put your dreams into action


Strengthen your connection to your inner knowing, to source, and to those around you so you can enjoy life fully and freely

Interview: Big Thief

Interview: Big Thief

balm&creak war unsere Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen. 2002 von Jana und mir gegründet lief sie jede Woche donnerstags von 19-20 Uhr. Ende 2017 wurde balm&creak eingestellt. Über die Jahre haben wir viele Interviews mit Bands und Künstler_innen geführt....

Interview: Big Thief

Interview: Schnipo Schranke

balm&creak war unsere Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen. 2002 von Jana und mir gegründet lief sie jede Woche donnerstags von 19-20 Uhr. Ende 2017 wurde balm&creak eingestellt. Über die Jahre haben wir viele Interviews mit Bands und Künstler_innen geführt....

Interview: Big Thief

Playlists aus 2017

balm&creak wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet. Eine Zeit haben Jana und Jan zusammen moderiert. Dann Jan und Verena von Leipzig aus. Die letzten Jahre, von 2009 bis 2017, wurde balm&creak von Mareike und Verena aus Berlin moderiert. Wir danken allen...

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