balm&creak Radio Playlists 2011 – listen now

What did you listen to in 2011? These are our playlists 2011.

balm&creak war eine Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen und wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet.

Eine Zeit lang haben Jana und Jan zusammen moderiert.

Dann Jan und Verena von Leipzig aus.

Die letzten Jahre, von 2009 bis 2017, wurde balm&creak von Mareike und Verena aus Berlin moderiert.

Wir danken allen unseren treuen Zuhörer_innen!

Leider sind nicht alle Playlists erhalten geblieben. Die Playlists, die ich für 2003 finden konnte, gibt es hier.

Playlists 2011

01: destroyer – downtown [kaput|2011|merge]
02: destroyer – suicide demo for kara walker
03: destroyer – song for america
04: des ark – girls get stuff [don’t rock the boat, sink the fucker|2010|lovitt records]
05: des ark – howards hour of shower
06: des ark – ftw y’all
07: feist – look at what the light did now [look at what the light did now|2010|universal]
08: feist – when i was a young girl
09: feist – so sorry
10: crystal castles – not in love [crystal castles II|2010|friction]
11: m.i.a. – listen up [Vicky leekx|2010]
12: m.i.a. – vicky intermission
13: m.i.a. – illy gul

01: color theory – extroverts at play [the sound|2010|unsigned]
02: color theory – living a boys adventure tale
03: color theory – game over
04: tennis – cape dory [cape dory|2011|underwater peoples records]
05: tennis – take me somewhere
06: tennis – waterbirds
07: decemberists – rox in the box [the king is dead|2011|killrockstars]
08: decemberists – down by the water
09: decemberists – this is why we fight
10: agent ribbons – i was born to sing sad songs [chateau crone|2011|acuarela]
11: agent ribbons – i’m alright
12: agent ribbons – dada girlfriend
13: agent ribbons – oh, la la!
14: sin fang – landslide [7’’|2010|morr]
15: sin fang – the only living boy in new york

01: iron & wine – the lazarus song [kiss each other clean|2011|4ad]
02: iron & wine – walking far from home
03: iron & wine – your fake name is good enough for me
04: zoey van goey – you told the drunks i knew karate
[propeller vs wings|2011|chemical underground]
05: zoey van goey – robot tyrannosaur
06: zoey van goey – another day another disaster
07: sarah june – ‚til you hit the pavement [in black robes|2001|silber records]
08: sarah june – brand of bitterness
09: sarah june – from my window high
10: first aid kit – universal soldier [7’’|2011|witchita]
11: jane weaver – heart of gold [va-harvest revisited|2011|mojo]
12: doug paisley – out on the weekend
13: bright eyes – shell games [the people’s key|2001|saddle creek]
14: bright eyes – one for you one for me

01: deerhoof – i did crimes behind your eyelids [deerhof vs evil|2001|polyvinyl]
02: deerhoof – i did crimes for you
03: deerhoof – super duper rescue heads!
04: ron sexsmith – eye candy [long player late bloomer|2011|cooking vinyl]
05: ron sexsmith – late bloomer
06: ron sexsmith – miracles
07: the babies – sick kid [the babies|2001|shrimper records]
08: the babies – all things come to pass
09: the babies – run me over
10: joan as police woman – human condition [the deep field|2011|reveal records]
11: joan as police woman – the magic
12: joan as police woman – kiss the specifics
13: tim kasher – i’m afraid i’m gonna die here [the game of monogamy|2010|saddle creek]
14: azure ray – love and permanence [drawing down the moon|2011|saddle creek]
15: azure ray – walking in circles

01: my little pony – fragments of an island (making marks|2011|spoon train]
02: my little pony – breakup with myself
03: my little pony – i volunteer
04: MEN – who am I to feel so free (talk about body|2011|lamsound]
05: MEN – My family
06: warm ghost – open the wormhole in your heart [uncut diamond ep|2011|artisan records]
07: warm ghost – claws overhead
08: warm ghost – let my angst unfold in the water like a hound’s tongue
09: acid house kings – (i’m in) a chorus line [music sounds better with you|2011|labrador]
10: acid house kings – there’s something beautiful
11: acid house kings – where have we been
12: the finches – how to keep your heart hate-free [on golden hill|2011|dulc-i-tone records]
13: the finches – The river in Edo
14: the finches – O Göttingen
15: i am kloot – morning rain [natural history|2001|emi]

01: garfunkel & oates – pregnant women are smug [all over your face|2011|no one buys records]
02: garfunkel & oates – this party took a turn for the douche
03: garfunkel & oates – sex with ducks
04: garfunkel & oates – gay boyfriend
05: rainbow arabia – without you [boys and diamonds|2011|kompakt]
06: rainbow arabia – mechanical
07: we are enfant terrible – filthy love [explicit pictures|2011|last gang records]
08: we are enfant terrible – a song to you
09: we are enfant terrible – make you love
10: xrfarflight – satellite [under the spell of the cyclops’s view|2011|hafenschlammrekords]
11: xrfarflight – ditchwater
12: xrfarflight – spacecramp
13: those dancing days – reaching forward [daydreams and nightmares|2011|wichita recordings]
14: those dancing days – fuckarias
15: vivian girls – dance (if you wanna) [share the joy|2011|polyvinyl]
16: vivian girls – light in your eyes

1: thao & mirah – eleven [st|2011|killrockstars]
2: parenthetical girls – the regrettable end [covers|2011|tomlab]
3: parenthetical girls – handsome devil
4: parenthetical girls – true love will find you in the end
5: erland & the carnival – map of an englishman [nightingale|2011|butterfly recordings]
6: erland & the carnival – emmeline
7: keren ann – sugar mama [101|2011|delabel]
8: keren ann – daddy you’ve been on my mind
9: lady & bird – stephany says [lady & bird|2004|labels]
10: alexi murdoch – towards the sun [towards the sun|2011|city slang]
11: alexi murdoch – some day soon
12: the lovely eggs – panic plant [cob dominos|2011|odd box records]
13: the lovely eggs – don’t look at me i don’t like it
14: the lovely eggs – i’m a journalist
15: the lovely eggs – why don’t you like me
16: lady & bird – la ballade of lady & bird

01: xiu xiu//deerhof – almost xiu xiu, almost deerhoof
[almost xiu xiu, almost deerhoof|2011|polyvinyl]
02: xiu xiu//deerhof – the greg saunier retaliation
03: the pains of being pure at heart – heart in your heartbreak [belong|2011|slumberland records]
04: the pains of being pure at heart – my terrible friend
05: the pains of being pure at heart – too tough
06: deep dark robot – it fucking hurts [8 songs about a girl|2011|custard playtime]
07: deep dark robot – speck
08: deep dark robot – fuck you stupid bitch
09: hunx and his punx – if you’re not here (i don’t know where you are)
[too young to be in love|2011|hardly art]
10: hunx and his punx – too young to be in love
11: secret cities – love crime [strange hearts|2011|western vinyl]
12: secret cities – portland
13: okkervil river – weave room blues [mermaid single ep|2011|jagjaguwar]
14: bright eyes – in the real world [singularity ep|2011|saddle creek]

01: bright eyes – singularity [singularity ep|2011|saddle creek]
02: architecture in helsinki – b4 3d [moment bends|2011|v2_cooperative]
03: architecture in helsinki – contact high
04: architecture in helsinki – YR go to
05: boat – dress like your idols [dress like your idols|2011|magic marker records]
06: boat – kinda scared of love affairs
07: the pauses – go north [ a cautionary tale|2011|new granada records]
08: the pauses – little kids
09: happy camper – born with a bothered mind [happy camper|2011|excelsior records]
10: happy camper – a day at the mall
11: happy camper – made to be wanting
12: james blake – limit to your love [james blake2011r&s records]
13: james blake – i never learnt to share
14: james blake – give me my month
15: roxette – no one makes it on her own [charm school|2011|emi]

01: i’m from barcelona – charlie parker (forever today|2011|mute}
02: i’m from barcelona – get in line
03: i’m from barcelona – battleships
04: holy ghost – do it again [holy ghost|2011|dfa]
05: holy ghost – hold my breath
06: holy ghost – jam for jerry
07: the mountain goats – damn these vampires [all eternals deck|2011|merge]
08: the mountain goats – high hawk season
09: the mountain goats – outer scorpion squadron
10: the mountain goats – for charles bronson
11: low – try to sleep [c’mon|2011|sub pop]
12: low – nightingale
13: low – sometging’s turning over
14: songs:ohia – i’ve been riding with the ghosts [magnolia electric co.|2003|secretly canadian]
15: beastie boys – make some noise [hot sauce committee part 2|2011]

01: panda bear – alsatian dawn [tomboy|2011|paw tracks]
02: panda bear – surfer’s hymn
03: panda bear – last night at the jetty
04: fleet foxes – montezuma [helplessnesss blues|2011|bella union]
05: fleet foxes – helplessness blues
06: fleet foxes – lorelai
07: holly golightly and the brokeoffs – no help coming [no help coming|2011|damaged goods]
08: holly golightly and the brokeoffs – for the rest of your life
09: holly golightly and the brokeoffs – under arrest
10: metronomy – everything goes my way [the english riviera|2011|because music]
11: metronomy . the bay
12: metronomy – corinne
13: die goldenen zitronen – lied der medienpartner [gegengerade ost|2011|audiolith]
14: egotronic – hamburtg soll brennen
14: slime – gewinnen werden wir immer

01: tv on the radio – second song [nine types of ligth|2011|community promotion]
02: tv on the radio – will do
03: ladytron – destroy everything you touch (hot chip remix) [best of remixes|2011|nettwerk]
04: ladytron – ace of hz (punks jump up rmx)
05: bondage fairies – nv4.dll (der tante renate rmx) [1-0|2011|audiolith]
06: bondage fairies – forget the image i got a heart
07: thao & mirah – folks [s/t|2011|krs]
08: thao & mirah – teeth
09: thao & mirah – rubies and rocks
10: thao & mirah – squareneck
11: ponytail – flabbermouth [do whatever you want all the time|2011|we are free]
12: ponytail – awayway
13: micachu and the shapes – not so sure [chopped&screwed|2011|beggars group]

patrick wolf – the city [lupercalia|2011|tomlab]
patrick wolf – time of my life
patrick wolf – the future
cansei de ser sexy – hits me like a rock [la liberacíon ep|2011|coop]
john maus – cop killer
[me must become the pitiless censors of ourselves|2011|upset the rhythm]
john maus – quantum leap
john maus – hey moon
joey hansom – these things take time [self-released|2011]
light asylum – a certain person
egil olsen – born in the middle of norway [keep moving keep dreaming|
egil olsen – location
egil olsen – fan girl
pickering pick – like a river [tiger balm|yer bird records|2011]
pickering pick – ballad for leaving
pickering pick – in the end

steed lord – 123 if you want me [heart II heart|new crack city records|2011]
steed lord – bed of needles
steed lord – love and religion
fm belfast – stripes [don’t want to sleep|2011|morr music]
fm belfast – i don’t want to go to sleep either
fm belfast – happy winter
atari teenage riot – black flags [is this hyperreal|2011|digital hardcore recordings]
planning to rock – milky blau [w|2011|coop]
planning to rock – i`m your man
seapony – dreaming [go with me|2011|hardly art]
seapony – go away
seapony – i really do
lady&bird – the ballad of lady and bird [lady&bird|2003|emi]
grieves – falling from you [together apart|2011|[rhymesavers]
momus – is there sex in marriage [hypnoprism|2010|cherry red]

eleanor friedberger – glitter gold year [last summer|2011|merge]
eleanor friedberger – early earthquake
eleanor friedberger – my mistakes
handsome furs – when i get back [sound kapital|2011|sub pop]
handsome furs – memories of the future
handsome furs . cheap music
times new viking – don’t go to liverpool [dance equired|2011|merge]
times new viking – california roll
times new viking – no room to live
brilliant colors – hey dan [again and again|2011|slumberland records]
brilliant colors – back to the tricks
brilliant colors – painting truths
kobito & sookee – augen zu [deine elstern|2010|springstoff]
sookee – pro homo [quing|2010|springstoff]
kobito & sookee – urlaub in der stadt [deine elstern|2010|springstoff]
kobito & sookee – müde
sookee – dresscode rmx

01: the head and the heart – cats and dogs [the head and the heart|2011|sub pop]
02: the head and the heart – cour dàlene
03: the head and the heart – down the valley
04: the head and the heart – winter song
05: dan le sac vs scroobius pip – stake a claim [the logic og chance|2010|sunday best records]
06: dan le sac vs scroobius pip – i feel sick tonight
07: dan le sac vs scroobius pip – cauliflower
08: alte schule masthorn – beim versuch die wände hochzulaufen
09: alte schule masthorn – weiterträumen [schnipselwerkstatt|2011|ohne label]
10: alte schule masthorn – heute kann es regnen
11: mülheim asozial – kevin [promo|2010|ohne label]
12: mülheim asozial – wir sind mülheim asozial
13: mülheim asozial – lied nummer sieben
14: mülheim asozial – gisela fabrik
15: mighty tiger – voyeur heaven [western theater|2010|papaer garden records]
16: william elliott whitmore – field song [field songs|2011|anti-records]
17: william elliott whitmore – get there from here


Wir versuchen unser Bestes, um unsere Ohren zuzuhalten und Sha-la-la-la zu singen und uns keine schlimmen Gedanken machen zu müssen. Wir sind darin ziemlich gut geworden. Wir mögen es kleine minder privilegierte Plattenfirmen zu unterstützen und haben eine Angewohnheit entwickelt Tendenzen frühzeitig aufzuspüren bzw. Tendenzen vollkommen zu ignorieren. Wir erhalten regelmäßig Beschwerden über die Unprofessionalität unserer Darbietung. Wir nehmen das als Kompliment und haben keine Absicht das zu ändern. ZUR ÜBERSICHT

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