balm&creak Radio Playlists 2008 – listen now

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What did you listen to in 2008? These are our playlists 2008.

balm&creak war eine Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen und wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet.

Eine Zeit lang haben Jana und Jan zusammen moderiert.

Dann Jan und Verena von Leipzig aus.

Die letzten Jahre, von 2009 bis 2017, wurde balm&creak von Mareike und Verena aus Berlin moderiert.

Wir danken allen unseren treuen Zuhörer_innen!

Leider sind nicht alle Playlists erhalten geblieben. Die Playlists, die ich für 2003 finden konnte, gibt es hier.

Playlists 2008

001: wire – 23 years too late [pinkflag]
002: acid.milch&honig – distanz []
003: tortoise – falls lake [thrill jokey]
004: fiery furnaces – ex-guru [thrill jokey]
005: los campesinos – death to los… [welthit]
006: good shoes – ice age [emi]
007: the fashion – like knife [welthit]
008: british sea power – waving flags [rough trade]
009: john maus – rights for gays [cargo]
010: vera november – our last night together [beggars group]
011: arthur russel – a little lost [souljazz]
012: cat power – lost someone [beggars group]
013: good shoes – sophia [emi]

001: breeders – off you [4ad]
002: thao & the get down stay down – bag of hammers [kill rock stars]
003: sam prekop – something [thrill jockey]
004: magnetic fields – when you are old and lonely [merge]
005: magnetic fields – zombie boy [nonesuch]
006: nada surf – who’s authority [welthit]
007: geschmeido – white city [tapete]
008: miss kitten – kitten is high [nobody’s bizzness]
009: data rock – princess (dj exel. pauli rmx) [welthit]
010: hot chip – hold on [emi]
011: bodi bill – kristen i miss them [sinnbus]
012: jordan o jordan – you’re on the phone []

001: thao & the get down stay down – swimmingpools [kill rock stars]
002: good shoes – southern trains (tambourine studios mix) [brils]
003: mgmt – weekend wars [sony]
004: munch munch – wedding [tomlab]
005: dr. dog vs. beck – the girl [community promotion]
006: arburetum – bus stop [thrill jockey]
007: buck 65 – way back when [strangefamousrecords]
008: caribou – she’s the one (k. p. h. w. p. n. in hell version) [city slang]
009: crystal castles vs. health – crimewave [lovepump united]
010: moto boy – love is the thing you can’t pretend [songs i wish i had written]
011: xiu xiu – under pressure [tomlab]
012: maps – stay another day [mute]
013: justus köhnke – it’s gonna be alright [kompakt]

001: juri gagarin – presidator [audiolith]
002: anat ben david – poor r fat [chicks on speed]
003: munch munch – wet nightmare [tomlab]
004: no kids – four freshmen locked out as the sun goes down [tomlab]
005: little wings – whale mountain [ahornfelder]
006: lacrosse – who will bring us togethter [tapete]
007: lacrosse – this new year will be for you and me [tapete]
008: elephant parade – goodbye []
009: elephant parade – velcro []
010: mountain goats – craters on the moon [beggars group]
011: la batterie – ice cream [cake and coffee records]
012: meg baird – all i ever wanted [drag city]
013: chris walla – our plans, collapsing [rough trade]
014: fugazi – furniture [dischord]

001: slingshot dakota – i 78 []
002: slingshot dakota – until the day i die pt.1 []
003: sambassador – crooked spine [labrador]
004: lacrosse – go ego go [tapete]
005: lacrosse – you can’t say no forever [tapete]
006: lacrosse – no more lovesongs [tapete]
007: lacrosse – you are on my mind [tapete]
008: tullycraft – one essex girl [magic marker records]
009: lacrosse – who will bring us together [tapete]
010: lavender diamond – find a way [rough trade]
011: jeremy jay – we stay here (in our secret world) [k rec]
012: pipas – mix for the occupation [long lost cousin]
013: cass mccombs – windfall [domino]

001. sons and daughters – house in my head [domino]
002. black lips – lock and key [pias]
003. times new viking – devo & wire [siltbreeze]
004. times new viking – allegory gets me hot [siltbreeze]
005. the mae-shi – run to the facts [team shi/moshi moshi]
006. the mae-shi – pwnd [team shi/moshi moshi]
007. panther – violence, diamonds [kill rock stars]
008. theoretical girl – never good enough [salvia]
009: thao & the get down stay down – fear and convenience [kill rock stars]
010: tender forever – doves vs. pigeons [k recs]
011: the blow – hey boy [k recs]
012: the indelicates – the sequel to peter pan and wendy [weekender records]
013: la batterie – spring [coffee and cake]
014: jeffrey lewis – columbus [rough trade]

001: santogold – l.e.s. artistes [rough trade]
002: vampire weekende – cape cod kwassa kwassa [beggars group]
003: mgmt – time to pretend [welthit]
004: blood red shoes – It’s Getting Boring By The Sea (Blamma Blamma Remix) [v2]
005: anat ben david – dyke rider [chicks on speed]
006: tegan and sara – are you ten years ago [warner]
007: dillon – c unseen sea [kitty yo]
008: hercules & love affair feat. antony heagerty – blind (motik lok edit) [emi]
009: lightspeed champion – all to shit [welthit]
010: emily jane white – blue [double negative]
011: hercules & love affair – roar [dfaemi]
012: kahn – favor after favor (zero money remix) [i am solo]
013: school of language – poor boy [thrill jockey]
014: the boggs – after the day [universal]
015: bon iver – skinny love [jagjaguwar]
016: low – hatchet [sub pop]

001: the cribs – i’m a realist (the postal service remix) [wichita]
002: blood music – the hair [static caravan]
003: the teenagers – fuck nicole [xl]
004: el perro del mar – you can’t steal a gift [memphis industries]
005: barry manilow – new york city rhythm [sonybmg]
006: calvin johnson – rabbit blood [k]
007: adam green – twee twee dee [xl]
008: the mountain goats – how to embrace a swamp creature [4ad]
009: baby dee – big titty bee girl (from dino town) [drag city]
010: emily jane white – blue [double negative]
011: hercules & love affair – roar [dfaemi]
012: kahn – favor after favor (zero money remix) [i am solo]
013: school of language – poor boy [thrill jockey]
014: the boggs – after the day [universal]
015: bon iver – skinny love [jagjaguwar]
016: low – hatchet [sub pop]

001: mgmt – kids [welthit]
002: modeselektor – happy birthday [b pitch control]
003: chicks on speed – art rules [chicks on speed recs]
004: jamie lidell – another day [welthit]
005: adam green – you get so lucky [rough trade]
006: tindersticks – the flicker of a girl [beggars group]
007: we are scientists – after hours [welthit]
008: the kills – u.r.a fever [community promotion]
009: prinzhorn dance school – up!up!up! [astralwerks]
010: la batterie – milk and die [coffee and cake]
011: the last shadow puppets – the age of the understatement [welthit]
012: the teenagers – streets of paris [beggars group]
013: the long blondes – here comes a serious bit [rough trade]
014: the notwist – good lies [city slang]
015: essie jain – sailor [indigo]
016: antsy pants – vampire [warner]

001. ida – golden hours
002. woods family creeps – creeps collage [time-lag]
003. bill wells & isobel campbell – who needs you [creeping bent]
004. cynthia dall – boys and girls [drag city]
005. m83 – couluers [mute]
006. valet – streets [kranky]
007. the weird weeds – sorry rain [autobus]
008. abbc – elevator baby [wabana/cargo]
009. retribution gospel choir – destroyer [sub pop]
010. william shatner – lucy in the sky with diamonds [revola]
011. ovuca – one for the trouble / pingis [rephlex]

001. hercules and love affair – blind [dfaemi]
002. sieg über die sonne – i’m not a sound [multicolor]
003. neon neon feat. yo majesty – swear shop [lex]
004. robots in disguise – i don’t have a god [president]
005. the b-52’s – hot corner [astralwerks]
006. the b-52’s – hero worship [virgin]
007. mission of burma – progress [matador]
008. f.s.k. – a taste of honey [buback]
009. guz – primitiv [trikont]
010. cpt. kirk & – house haus [wghat’s so funny about]
011. fleet foxes – ragged wood [matador]
012. robert wyatt – just as you are [domino]
013. air france – never content [sincerly yours]

001. man man – the ballad of butter beans [anti]
002. apparat & raz ohara – hailing from the edge (shrubbn!! remix) [shitkatapult]
003. fuck buttons – ribs out [neuton]
004. tokyo police club – juno [saddle creek (import)]
005. the dodos – winter [french kiss (import)]
006. gonzales – unrequited love [universal]
007. 13ghosts – underground [skybucket (import)]
008. silver jews – sometimes a pony gets depressed [drag city]
009. silver jews – open field [drag city]
010. st. christopher – who’s next on cupid’s hit list [sarah]
011. white williams – i want candy [domino/tigerbeat6]
012. frightened rabbit – i feel better [play it again sam]
013. american music club – i know that’s not really you [cooking vinyl]
014. juri gagarin – 123 go [audiolith]
015. matmos – polychords [matador]

001. scott matthew – little birds [glitterhouse]
002. peters. – zitronenwalzer [unterm durchschnitt]
003. the sea – fallen stars [bbln / herz statt komerz]
004. the notwist – where in this world [city slang] (welthit)
005. chicks on speed – art rules [chicks on speed]
006. anat ben david – boom boom [chicks on speed]
007. mgmt – kids [sonybmg] (welthit)
008. yelle – a cause des garcous [emi]
009. santogold – l.e.s. artistes [lizard king/downtown] (welthit)
010. escapehawaii – eins [tapete]
011. why? – good friday [tomlab]
012. tristan brusch – little funny man [time zone/entropeace]
013. city & colour – the death of me [vagrant]
014. scott matthew – in the end [glitterhouse]

001. white williams – violator [domino/tigerbeat6]
002. holly golightly & the brokeoffs – kiss you hug you squeeze you [self-released/tour-only]
003. karl blau – megadose [marriage]
004. karl blau – what’s not to fall in love with [marriage]
005. yeasayer – 2080 [cargo/we are free]
006. the radio dept. – we made the team [labrador]
007. * interlude (kathy diamond – i need you here right now/vampire hands – telephone)

001: get well soon – witches! witches! rest now in the fire [welthit]
002: bernadette la hengst – ich bin kein baby mehr [trikont]
003: chicks on speed & ted gaier – e is for electric [trikont]
004: bernadette la hengst – kill your idols [trikont]
005: ja könig ja – man könnte es auch anders sehen [buback]
006: ja, panik – satellite of love [revolver promotion]
007: santogold – creator [welthit]
008: santogold – shove it [welthit]
009: swayzak – smile & recieve (apparat remix) [shitkatapult]
010: anat ben-david – robot kid [chicks on speed]
011: munk – under kontrol [gomma]
012: neon neon – trick or treat (hot chip remix) [lex]
013: freshro – i turn my camera on [rong]
014: striplight – no search, no entry (tim “love” lee’s no search dub) [rong]
015: cut copy – eternity one night only [modular]

001: jerry lee lewis – mean woman blues [universal]
002: wildbird & peacedrums – the way things go [found you/leaf]
003: anja schneider – firsch at night [words and sound]
004: essie jain – the rights [ba da bing (import)]
005: the black atlantic – there are monsters [cargo]
006: saturday looks good to me – come with your arms [k records]
007: regina – naapurissa puretaan taloa
008: gustav – abgesang [chicks on speed]
009: ja, panik – thomas sagt [revolver promotion]
010: bratze – hightowers herz [audiolith]
011: kevin devine – like cursing kids [defiance]
012: jenny owen youngs – voice on tape [soulfood]
013: jeremy jay – someone cares [k rec.]
014: total konfus – ich weiss nicht [weird system]
015: woog riots – football round’ the clock [zickzack]
016: william & versey smith – when that great ship went down [trikont]

001: Wolf Parade – An Animal In Your Care
002: Juri Gagarin – Sputnik
003: Bratze – D.U.T.T. Royal
004: Gustav – Soldatin oder Veteran
005: Bodi Bill – Nothing
006: Conor Oberst – Danny Callahan


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Interview: Big Thief – listen now

Interview: Big Thief – listen now

Do you know Big Thief? I've interviewed them, or Adrienne Lenker in 2016 in Berlin and you can listen to the interview here. balm&creak war eine Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen und wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet. Eine Zeit lang haben Jana und Jan...

balm&creak Radio Playlists 2017 – listen now

balm&creak Radio Playlists 2017 – listen now

What did you listen to in 2017? These are our playlists 2017. balm&creak war eine Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen und wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet. Eine Zeit lang haben Jana und Jan zusammen moderiert. Dann Jan und Verena von Leipzig aus. Die...

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