Community – Week 4 – Pt. 2

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What have we learned this month?

Dear Creatrix,

How did you experience this month? I think we covered a lot of ground and really collected most, if not all, of the tools we need to work and live together with others peacefully, respectfully, learning, creating, growing and prospering side by side and together.

We started this chapter with setting our intention and focus on what we are for and not what we are against – because our lives are much happier, easier and much more abundant when we create and not destroy.

And we reminded ourselves that where our attention goes, our energy goes.

We can be against a war or for peace and people and life.

Whatever we decide and give our attention to – we energize.


And we began to think about a cause that is close to our hearts.

Then, in the second lesson, we looked at what community means, and that for this chapter, we will use the term community to describe a group of people or a (community) project – people who come together to help create meaningful positive change in whichever way we can think of.

And then we began to reflect on our experiences in different communities: how they were organized and the conflicts and whatever else we’ve got to witness.

From here we moved on to reflect on our roles, in lesson three, and how, when we encounter a problem, that’s not meant to discourage us, but quite the contrary, an opportunity for us to change something.

If we went through life resolving the problems we see, rather than turning away from them or seeing them as punishment and accepting them that way – our world would look quite differently already.

We also reminded ourselves that every change we want to see on the outside needs to be found and realized on the inside first.

If we want more peace, we need to become more peaceful.

If we want more friends, we have to become more friendly – if we want more love, we have to become more loving and so on.

And we thought about safety and how most people act and even do horrible things because they believe that that is what will keep them safe.

When, following the examples above, what we have to do to feel safe, is to become a safe partner in any conversation and interaction ourselves.

If we build a wall, or use weapons – we are not safe and therefore won’t find safety either.

The same is true for us in community – if we want to build strong communities, able to create meaningful change, then we also have to become a person who can embody the change they wish to see in the world.

The Source Archetype cards also reminded us that in every situation we have a choice, to decide how we wish to proceed, and we have too guiding questions that can help us to make the best decision.

When we need to take a step forward, we can ask ourselves:

Is this based on fear or love? – and only move forward if it is based on love.

Is the based on my ego wish or for the greatest good of all? – an only move forward if it’s for the greatest good of all because if it’s not, it is also not for our own highest good.

Week 2

In week two, we looked at what it will take for us to become a person who can act for the highest good of all.

And we started this by realizing that we can use triggers as a tool for growth.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

When we notice a trigger, just like in any other situation, we always have the same two question…

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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Purpose – Week 3 – Pt. 1

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Practice: Foot Massages

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