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The Colour Brown -Transformation and Practical & Physical Action 

The Wheel of Colours has 13 fields and 13 colours – each field represents a different challenge, gift or lesson which we have to master in our lifetimes and the colours in our unique wheel show each of us how we can master them best, with our unique abilities.

We are all made up of the same colours, but the colours are arranged differently for each of us on our wheels.

For example, brown is the colour for transformation and practical & physical action.

This colour supports us in using our body, our practical skills and our ability to act to bring thoughts and ideas into physical form.

For some of us, usually those who have brown at the beginning of their wheel, it’s essential for their happiness and ability to think, interact, heal, manifest and thrive in life to take action, while others (those with brown in the second half of their wheel) tend to first have to build the confidence, through learning the lessons they have to learn in life, to start taking action and to begin to creating things with their hands.

Which is true for you?
You might be able to guess, looking at your life and how you feel.

But if you want to be sure, you may also order your unique Wheel of Colours from me, to find out.

If you have your wheel already and/or think you can use some help to learn how to best use the qualities of the colour brown, how to act wisely and find a good balance between action and exhaustion and using your body the way it’s meant to be used  – then I’d be happy to show you some practical ways to do that, in this article.

The classical field for the colour brown in the Wheel of Colours is the tenth field.

The tenths field shows us what we need to listen to and understand our inner voice.

It makes sense to have brown as the classical tenths colour because ideally, we would let our inner voice guide all our actions.

Do you know what keeps you from hearing your inner voice and listening to it?

It’s the conditioning, the voices of our ego and those who raised us, that got us confused.

But we have an easy way to test where a thought is coming from: If it’s based on love, it’s coming from our inner voice, if it’s not, it’s coming from our ego and/or our conditioning.

The classical position of the colour red in the Wheel of Colours

What do you think our world look like if we only acted as a result of listening to our inner voice and inner knowing? Not from greed, fear, pain or ego.

It would be a very different place.

As we’ve seen in the article on the colour grey, a lot of what we do, we don’t do because we feel like it’s what we want to do, or because we listen to our inner voice and callings, but because we listen to human-made traditions, customs and want to meet the expectations of others – all of which is not necessarily for the highest good of all.

The qualities of the colour brown go beyond what we think and believe about why we are and do things a certain way, and that is because brown is about the form, about our physical body, and what it can do.

As human beings we cannot just think and listen, understand, speak or explain – we also need to act and be physically active to be well and alive in this world and for everything that is internal to show up in the external world as well.

As humans, we need to move our bones and muscles, and we have an inherent drive to create things and be with others in physical form.

But, if you, like me, were raised around a lot of western ideology and rational thinking, you were most likely not brought up or trained to use your body to support your emotional well-being, your decision-making and to create for the common good as part of your daily practice.

But if you’d like to explore how and why this is so important, then I’d love to show you some practical ways to get in touch with your body and use it wisely in this article.

1. Why do we need our body to be well?

We’ve all heard about the connection of body, mind and soul. Our soul is our eternal existence, travelling between different realms and much larger and longer lasting than our bodies.

Our mind is the computer we can programme and train so it can guide us through life, and what we’ve mostly been talking about, looking at the last nine colours, as we have to become good stewards of our minds to live our lives well.

But we also have our body, the physical form in which we reside for this lifetime, and our body is what makes life for a human possible on earth.

For this reason, we have an obligation to keep our bodies well, while we are here on earth, and for that, we need to understand how to communicate with it and use and treat it well.

Now, treating our bodies well is not that complicated, yet in a world that doesn’t value the well-being of humans very much, we made it seem quite complicated.

There are certain parameters that we can follow, the first one always being enough sleep, as this is the time, the body needs, to integrate, heal and recover from everything it/we experienced during the day.

In the CREATRIX School we spend one whole month on the topic of REST and relaxation, as it is so incredibly essential and undervalued currently.

We also need to eat well, and we have to use and stretch and move our bodies. Our bodies are made to move and work physically, and not to sit for the longest part of the day.

In the MOVEMENT Chapter of the CREATRIX School, you can learn all the details of what it takes to keep your body healthy, so I won’t go into too much detail here – but, I what I would like to mention here is, that the better we treat our bodies, the better our lives become – as there would and will be no life on this earth without our bodies – until the next reincarnation.

If we have a house, we take good care of it so that it keeps us safe and allows us to have a lovely time at home, we maintain and take care of our cars as well, but often we don’t pay the same attention to our bodies and take our body for granted as it has always been there.

Our body is an incredibly magical tool, which can help us with everything. It uses pain to tell us when something is out of balance – so we can bring it back into balance.

It allows us to interact with others, to feel things, and by using kinesiology or muscle testing, it can tell us a lot about the world too.

Our body documents and tells our story.

Our faces, the way we move, everything is what it is because our lives have been in certain ways. Our body is the result of everything we’ve thought, eaten, touched and what we’ve experienced.

So, if we want to live well, we need to treat our bodies well.

And I’m a bit surprised because more than with any of the other texts I wrote about the colours so far, spirit seems to have a very clear idea, what I’m supposed to share with you here and that is the following:

“A lot of the work that is now done by humans can be replaced by AI, so we, as humans can come back to living in community, and doing the things that we are meant to do and that is to bring things into physical form.

Just like god created us from clay, as a metaphorical description of combining the different chemical elements to create human and other life on earth, we have the ability to use what we find here to create things and explore our physical abilities.

We’ve not been created to just be in our minds like we are now, most of the time, but to use all the gifts we’ve been given equally.

As humans, one of the most important things that we need is physical touch, being together in community and sharing space – this is what we are meant to do.

To cook for each other, to plant for and with each other, to sing, to build houses and create spaces and tools we need and to celebrate the year, the changing seasons, what we have and each other – together, in community.

That is our cause for being here, to experience and live and enjoy life together and these days, many have strayed far from that path – but just like we can come back to our authentic selves individually, we can also come back to celebrate our authentic humanness collectively.”

So the colour brown leads us to come back into our body and use it well and wisely, it reminds us that we need to take good care of our physical body by exercising it and taking good care of it with enough rest and good food so that it can do and be all the wonders it was designed to do and be.

In the book The Complete Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsh, God said that our bodies are designed to live for much longer periods, centuries really, but that we destroy them and thus shorten our lifespan by not treating them well and also by having set up a world that only a few of us would want to live in for much longer than we currently can.

But this is our world and if the way it works now doesn’t serve us, then we can begin to change it into something better the second we decide to do so.


of all People have brown as their centre colour*


of all People have brown in the first half of their wheel*


of all People have brown in the second half of their wheel*

*According to the wheels I’ve made so far. I will update this occasionally. The centre represents our core, our essence, the first six fields show the colours which come to us naturally, that we are born with, and the later ones represent the colours/lessons we have to learn, often painfully, to thrive in all areas of our life. If you’d like to find out in which field the colour brown is especially important for YOU, order your Wheel of Colours now.

2. Celebrating our Physical Experience

What is it that you wish for more than anything in life?

I believe a lot of us are looking for love, for deep connection, union, expansion, for being authentically themselves with another person, to feel the relaxed, kind and loving presence of another person and to embrace, be embraced, to be touched, kissed and cared for and to extend the same to the people we are with.

To be together and here for each other is what we came to earth for – no one was meant to feel alone or lonely.

But to be able to experience connection, we also have to drop our shields and allow for connection to happen – we have to get out of the conditioning and thinking we have to protect anything from others and instead learn how to invite them in.

So, the main questions that the qualities of the colour brown raise is:

How can I use my body to create human connection with other people? And how can I use it to connect to all there is in this world?

I remember this story, I’m not quite sure where it’s from, but they were saying that when a tree needed to be cut down in the village, to build a boat, I think, they would look for a man in the village who was just about to become a father, to pick the tree, as he would be so fine-tuned to taking good care of something, that he would make the wisest choice.

I just think this is such a wonderful example of how community can work and how we can all benefit by using what’s there, what we have, and our bodies in different stages of life, for the highest good of all.

We do all benefit from knowing what’s needed, not what’s fastest or most convenient, as we also always have to deal with the consequences of our choices, so if we act carelessly the ripple effects of that always come back to us.

Just last month, we finished the chapter on COMMUNITY in the CREATRIX School, and in it, we thought long and hard about what we need to come together as people and work on projects harmoniously.

And when I thought about writing about the colour brown today, I had no idea that this is where I would be ending up again, as spirit keeps guiding me back to the question of how we can use our bodies best for our own well-being but also for the well-being and prospering of our communities.

We’ve already, seen, especially when looking at the qualities of the colour purple, that what happens in the small, also happens in the bigger picture and so, of course, how we treat our body is also a representation of how we treat our communal body – our communities.

For example, in Germany, where I come from, today, most communal traditions evolve around getting incredibly drunk.

People feel like they have to live a hard life, work too much, worry too much and then, when it’s time for recreation, they just want to forget and let it all go.

Other than Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and maybe the tooth fairy, all magic has been banned from tradition.

And so the somewhat heartless and disembodied way of treating ourselves is also represented in how we treat and organize community.

This might be different in other places, I’ve definitely experienced a different way of celebrating together in community during my time in Ukraine, be it within the Roma community there, but also with the Ukrainians.

Yet, whatever we have now, we can change.

We can decide what we want to have from today on, and then start working on that.

And the Wheel of Colours is such a wonderful tool, to help each of us to know exactly how they can contribute in the best possible way, to the well-being of all.

3. Transformation

Apart from using our bodies to be with other people, to share stories, rituals and events, and to create opportunity for this way of getting together – one of the most magical things we as humans can do with our bodies is to transform things.

Pudding, cake, bread are great examples of this. We mix a dough and add heat to it to transform something from a liquid into a more solid state.

But we can also transform deserts into forests, pollute our oceans and clean them up again, destroy whole cities through war and rebuild them, burn books and write new ones.

We can create incredible works of art, huge monuments and skyscrapers and so on.

I once met a person who studied World Heritage Studies and who told me that around ten years ago, cities built TV towers, not because they needed them for the technology any more, but because we expect to see a TV tower on the skyline of a modern city, and so they are there for the status and not for the function.

Another beautiful thing I learned is, that it helps to touch the ground with our bare feet when we travel to connect with the place and thus experience less jet-lag.

And when people live without physical touch for too long, that is as detrimental for our health as smoking lots of cigarettes.

Our body is connected to whatever it touches, and so are we.

We can feel when there’s magic in a person, a place, a look or a touch.

And so whatever we create has a bit of our magic in it as well.

I always get curious when people go through so much trouble to invent things to prolong their life span, when really it is up to them to decide how long they want to live in this body in the first place, and they need nothing but a well-trained mind for it.

But even when we depart our bodies, we still live on and also whatever we create in the physical will continue to hold a part of ourselves, so we will live on in that as well.

Last year I grew my own sourdough starter from scratch, and now I bake with it every week – and it is so fascinating to think about how it carries my essence, the essence of all it comes into contact with, and how every sourdough starter is and works a little differently, depending on the ingredients and the temperature, but also on the kitchen environment, my own skin and breath and everything it comes in contact with.

We have the power to transform other people by talking to them, by touching them with words, actions or physical touch, we have the power to transform food, turn fibre into clothes, build houses and buildings from sand, stone or wood, create new landscapes, cities and every day we contribute to creating and shaping all there is in the world.

4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

What makes life on earth different from other places in the universe is, that we have the gift of experiencing things in the physical.

We have the gift to feel touch, to taste and to smell, and we have the gift to create other things in physical form.

We can always come back to remember that even the most solidly seeming thing is really just lots of tiny little things held together by a seemingly magic bond.

And like stones erode, plants grow, humans change and things and we ourselves can materialize and dematerialize.

And apparently, we as humans will soon be exploring these opportunities more in our daily lives and practices.

But whatever we do, form matters.

Of course, we can just wish somebody well and congratulate them from the bottom of our hearts when they have a birthday or something else to celebrate, but we can also give them a gift to underline our appreciation.

Food is another thing we need in our lives and the way we prepare it, what food we eat and select matters.

Our clothes, our homes, all involve choices that, when made consciously, reflect and/or influence how we continue to live life now that that connection is established.

If we want to sell a product, we need to produce it, if we wish to sell a service we need to perform it, if we intend to be famous we have to speak to people and show ourselves and so on.

Whatever we wish to see manifested has to come into existence and for that, it needs us to move around and act in physical form.

One of my teachers, Colette Baron-Reid, said: “You can’t become a famous guitar player without practising playing the guitar.”

You can’t become a famous speaker, without knowing what to speak about, and you can’t build up a creative business without creating things.

And for that, we need to bring thought, word and action into alignment – and this physical action part is represented by the colour brown.

5. Using the Colour Brown in Our Environment & lives

Like with all the other colours, brown is in our lives, whether we invite it or not.

We see brown earth, brown trees, muddy streets, brown wooden objects, jackets, shoes, dogs, horses, snails, birds or whatever we have around us.

Brown, just like grey, is a bit more of a neutral colour that compliments other colours in our home and I think, and this is why it’s here, it gives us an earthy and grounding feel.

Brown is my first colour, the colour for beginnings and starting things, in the Wheel of Colours, and understanding this has ended a lot of suffering for me.

I need to do something, to act physically to be able to think. 

For as long as I wasn’t conscious about this, my immediate actions were often stressful for the people around me, as I often act quicker than other people could think, and I’ve since learned to be more mindful about this.

But growing up, people kept telling me I needed to make a plan first before I started something, I had to think things through for a while and then act on them – and this might all be fantastic advice for many people, but not for me.

I have an incredibly strong intuition and I know what to do right away, more or less always. And I have to act, use my body, start something to do anything.

I have to plant, walk, bake, cook, craft when I don’t know how to solve a problem, and using my hands and my body helps me to get my thinking going to find the solutions I’m looking for.

If I have an idea, I want to try it out.

Now that I know, I can use this wisely, and my life has changed completely since I began to allow myself to be myself this way – and we all need to use our body and to act in the physical for something.

For me, it is to get started, if brown is your fourth colour, you need it to heal and be healthy, when it’s your sixths colour, it is the gift you came to share with others to help them use their body in the best way possible, if it’s your tenth colour, you need to be active to hear your inner voice and so on.

We all need to use our bodies to contribute to the prospering of our communities, and we also need it to live our own lives in the best possible way – brown shows us where and when we need to get physical to thrive in our lives.


What others say about the Wheel of Colours

“The Wheel of Colours not only reminded me what my strengths and weaknesses are, but also enlightened me about how I can solve my weaknesses and use them as a means of creating a better life.

It also showed me how precise our unconscious choices are and that we should trust our basic instinctive voices more.

Thank you, Verena, for reminding me of my flaws and apprising how to solve them!”


“Having Verena explain my Wheel of Colours to me was a very encouraging experience where I got to look at and appreciate a lot of aspects of my personality.

We talked about my gifts, but also the challenges I face according to my personal distribution of colours.

I particularly enjoyed the practical tips for the different areas of life that pointed me to things I want to work on and pay attention to.”


“I wasn’t aware of the concept of the Wheel of Colours and stumbled upon it accidentally.

At first, I was rather sceptical because I didn’t know how the whole process was supposed to work. But the result was amazingly accurate and gave me a lot more insight.

I knew myself quite well before that, but through this experience I was able to deepen my self-reflection even further and today I am putting some things into practice in a practical way.

This new perspective has brought me more clarity.”


“It was really good to find out that things I already had a vague idea about are actually true for me, and that I now know what I have to do to take advantage of these opportunities.”


“I find it amazing how coherent the wheel of colours is and how much truth you can find in it, even if what you learn might be difficult.

It’s very useful and makes a lot of sense to learn more about yourself this way, if you want to understand yourself better. Very insightful!”


“Right after I received the wheel, there was a situation where someone asked me what I was thinking and I could just point to the relevant part of the wheel and be understood.

I could never have said that so well and precisely in my own words.”


“The Wheel of Colours has helped me see my purpose in life, something I already had an idea about, but had a hard time acknowledging before seeing it so clearly.”


Order Your Wheel of Colours here

The Wheel of Colours is a traditional tool to help us understand what we need or can share in certain situations.

We are all made up out of the same colours, but they are arranged uniquely in each person – which is why we need or can give different things in different moments.

If you’d like to find out what can support YOU when starting a project, or working with other people, to successfully finish something, to heal, to spark your creativity or what your unique gift is, that you bring to the world, then the Wheel of Colours will help you to see this and yourself more clearly and show you how to use these insights in practical ways.

It will also show you how you can listen to your inner truth and that of others, what your most important lesson is in life and what challenges you might have to overcome.

Once you’ve learned what you need to learn, you can start the wheel again, this time more smoothly.

In the past, people often only got these insights and realizations towards the end of their lives – but you don’t have to wait until then.

You may use these insights right now to live your life happily and successfully.

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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